3D Titles - The Process

Below you'll see a side by side comparison of the 3D Titles that I create (rendered in Green Screen/Chromakey) and an example of a completed video with all elements combined.
This means you can order EITHER:
SIMPLE: A Green Screen version of your 3D Title in video format for your own use with video editing software.
You can then create anything you like and include your Green Screen 3D Title in your own project.
ADVANCED: A completed video with all elements combined.
This option also comes with my knowledge of sound production coupled with my unique collection of sounds. Featuring "Cinematic Strikes" by boom.
Check out just some of the companies that use boom sound fx! https://www.boomlibrary.com/credits/clients/
With both kinds you can also still choose from among the many examples I've created (with your own words, names, etc. replacing what's seen in the example) or you can opt to have your own custom made by me.
Check out pricing and more details on the "Packaging & Prices" page.

Screenshots from the boom website