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1. Can you listen to my demo?

I'm happy to devote time to listening to demos. Just remember, I'm a real person... So don't just chuck a Soundcloud link in Facebook Messenger! Say hello, engage, and then we can go from there. :)

2. Would you like to collaborate?

Like I said I'm happy to give my time listening to demos and if I hear something I like then we can talk. :) NOTE: I'm not currently signed as an artist to any labels so if we do work together there's no guarantee of a signing. I have a particular process, which I guess everyone does lol

3. Do you offer mastering services?

No. I don't even master my own work! That will change in the future so stay tuned.

4. Can you vote for my remix etc?

If I like what I hear then yes. The musician in me won't let me vote for something I don't support.

5. Can you share my mix/track?

See above. The chances of a share are a little slimmer than a vote, I'm picky about what I share/post on social media is all. That's certainly not a no. :)

Thanks everyone! :)

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